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Modernly Mixed Sports Highlight: NFL

By Ashley Cox

As the 2018 NFL season draws to a close, it’s only right to highlight some incredible players who happen to be #ModernlyMixed. Our highlight athlete of the month is Dante Pettis. I caught up with him to get the inside scoop on how being mixed in the NFL impacted his journey.

Did you find that being mixed negatively or positively affected building relationships on your team and or coaches?

I think that being mixed has definitely helped build relationships with my teammates and coaches, but it also might be where I'm from. I can relate to most people because of my background, which makes it easier to form a relationship with them.

Has being mixed been advantageous or disadvantageous in your journey to manhood?

I think being mixed has been advantageous on my journey to manhood because I am able to see both sides of the spectrum. I learned a lot from both sides of my family, because they had such different views and experiences. Growing up in Orange County, I never encountered many racial challenges, but because I was aware of what was going on around the country I was able to learn from those experiences. I think you can learn from anything and have it be advantageous to you. It just all boils down to what your outlook on life is.

1. Dante Pettis, 23

Ethnicity: African American, Irish, Italian

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Team: San Francisco 49ers

College: Washington Huskies

Position: Wide Receiver

Fun Fact: Loves to skate

2. David Bakhtiari, 27

Ethnicity: Persian & White

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Team: Green Bay Packers

College: Colorado Buffaloes

Position: Offensive Tackle

3. Caleb Wilson, 22

Ethnicity: African American & Caucasian

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Team: 2019 NFL Draftee

College: UCLA Bruins

Position: Tight End

4. Zack Sanchez, 25

Ethnicity: African American & Mexican

Hometown: Forth Worth, TX

Team: Former Carolina Panther, Current Free Agent

College: Oklahoma Sooners

Position: Defensive Back

5. Bryce Treggs, 24

Ethnicity: African American & Japanese

Hometown: Inglewood, CA

Team: Former Philadephia Eagle & Super Bowl LII Champ, Current Free Agent

College: Cal Bears

Position: Wide Receiver

Feel free to share your own personal experiences below! Who knows, we might just feature you next!

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